On June 15th we'll be setting aside the drums and bass for a night and playing an acoustic set at Herman's Hideaway for their Acoustic Songwriter Night! We'll be sharing the stage with some awesome artists and you'll get to see how Greenbrier Broadcast started out!

In two weeks we'll be playing at Lion's Lair with our friends Ambiance Evolution! We haven't seen them in awhile so we're really excited to be sharing the stage with them! Hope to see you all there!

NEW ALBUM IS OUT! Thrown Away is now available for purchase from all major online retailers, as well as streaming on Spotify! Listen to the Soundcloud stream on the Audio page!

BEST OF THE WEST SEMIFINALS IS COMING UP ON THE 11TH! Grand prize for the whole thing is a slot at Red Rocks this summer, so we need all hands on deck! Also, the new album is in the mixing stage and is ALMOST done!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We're proud to say that we won at Best of the West Night #7 and are advancing to the semi-finals in March! Before that though we've got a kickass show lined up at The Marquis Theater in Denver! We'll be playing with Oblivious Signal and Thousand Frames, so be sure to catch this awesome lineup! Details in the shows section.

We're almost done with the new album! Wishing everyone a happy holidays and hope people will make it out to Herman's on January 1st!

We're set to play Best of the West 7 at Herman's Hideaway on January 1st, 2016! Details are on the official Facebook page:

Bass and guitar!

Sorry we've been quiet! Recorded drums last weekend, recording guitars next week!


Our show on the 11th was an AMAZING way to get back into the swing of things! Put up some pictures in the Images section and we're now gearing up for the 31st! :D

We've got two new shows booked! Both are at Bushwhacker's Saloon in Denver, one on July 31st and the other on August 29th. Stay tuned for more details! : D


WELL, folks.... We know it's been a long time since we've been relevant in any way, but we are definitely BACK!!! We have some new material in the works, with the aim of hitting the studio late-summer for our 2nd album! Practicing every week and getting some summer gigs lined up as we speak; planning on never taking another 'extended-hiatus' from the music scene.

In spirit of coming back, we're excited to share with you a few photo's of us, showing off just how freakin' awesome and...yeah, weird we are!!! Also, hashing out some details on starting a "Fan Give-Away". Would you guys like some free shirts, cd's and or weirdly busted-up, autographed drum sticks!? ;)


May 9th is just a week plus a day away! Come see us and a bunch of awesome bands at The Toad Tavern!

We had an AWESOME time at Herman's Hideaway last Friday with all of our friends, fans, and the bands we played with! Wolfgirl, The Violet Showcase, Seris, and Torch the Wagon all sounded AMAZING! Here's a pic of Aaron and Matt taken by our friend Cassi:

Matt and Aaron

WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE! We hope you're all enjoying the new album, and for those of you who haven't heard it yet we have it streaming in our audio section as well as on Spotify. It's also available for digital download on all the major online retailers! We'll be adding more content, news, and shows as we go but hopefully you enjoy the starting point. :)